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3 Digit Zip Code Maps and Customizable Sales Territory Maps of the USA States and Zip code Region Maps and Heat Maps

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3-digit Zip Codes  county maps

FREE USA 3-Digit Zip Code Maps for Download

We have over 100 different zip code maps available completely FREE on this page. We have taken our 3-digit zip code and county boundary maps split them up by state, saved them as high-quality PDF files and then made them available to you for free.

If you find these maps useful or would like something a little more comprehensive then please take a look at the paid map downloads, which includes 5-digit zip code boundaries, towns and cities, or the map colouring tool that allows you to colour your very own bespoke zip code maps.

FULL US 3-Digit Zip-Code Map Files

AL - Alabama US Zip Code Map

AL - Alabama PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

AZ - Arizona US Zip Code Map

AZ - Arizona PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

AR - Arkansas US Zip Code Map

AR - Arkansas PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

CA - California US Zip Code Map

CA - California PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

CO - Colorado US Zip Code Map

CO - Colorado PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

CT - Connecticut US Zip Code Map

CT - Connecticut PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

DE - Delaware US Zip Code Map

DE - Delaware PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

FL - Florida US Zip Code Map

FL - Florida PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

GA - Georgia US Zip Code Map

GA - Georgia PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

ID - Idaho US Zip Code Map

ID - Idaho PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

IL - Illinois US Zip Code Map

IL - Illinois PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

IN - Indiana US Zip Code Map

IN - Indiana PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

IA - Iowa US Zip Code Map

IA - Iowa PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

KS - Kansas US Zip Code Map

KS - Kansas PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

KY - Kentucky US Zip Code Map

KY - Kentucky PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

LA - Louisiana US Zip Code Map

LA - Louisiana PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

ME - Maine US Zip Code Map

ME - Maine PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

MD - Maryland US Zip Code Map

MD - Maryland PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

MA - Massachusetts US Zip Code Map

MA - Massachusetts PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

MI - Michigan US Zip Code Map

MI - Michigan PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

MN - Minnesota US Zip Code Map

MN - Minnesota PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

MS - Mississippi US Zip Code Map

MS - Mississippi PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

MO - Missouri US Zip Code Map

MO - Missouri PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

MT - Montana US Zip Code Map

MT - Montana PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

NE - Nebraska US Zip Code Map

NE - Nebraska PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

NV - Nevada US Zip Code Map

NV - Nevada PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

NH - New Hampshire US Zip Code Map

NH - New Hampshire PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

NJ - New Jersey US Zip Code Map

NJ - New Jersey PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

NM - New Mexico US Zip Code Map

NM - New Mexico PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

NY - New York US Zip Code Map

NY - New York PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

NC - North Carolina US Zip Code Map

NC - North Carolina PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

ND - North Dakota US Zip Code Map

ND - North Dakota PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

OH - Ohio US Zip Code Map

OH - Ohio PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

OK - Oklahoma US Zip Code Map

OK - Oklahoma PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

OR - Oregon US Zip Code Map

OR - Oregon PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

PA - Pennsylvania US Zip Code Map

PA - Pennsylvania PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

RI - Rhode Island US Zip Code Map

RI - Rhode Island PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

SC - South Carolina US Zip Code Map

SC - South Carolina PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

SD - South Dakota US Zip Code Map

SD - South Dakota PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

TN - Tennessee US Zip Code Map

TN - Tennessee PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

TX - Texas US Zip Code Map

TX - Texas PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

UT - Utah US Zip Code Map

UT - Utah PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

VT - Vermont US Zip Code Map

VT - Vermont PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

VA - Virginia US Zip Code Map

VA - Virginia PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

WA - Washington US Zip Code Map

WA - Washington PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

WV - West Virginia US Zip Code Map

WV - West Virginia PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

WI - Wisconsin US Zip Code Map

WI - Wisconsin PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

WY - Wyoming US Zip Code Map

WY - Wyoming PDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map

Download or Find Out More About All the States of the US

State State Code 3-Digit Map County Boundary Map More Info
Alabama AL al-alabama-zip-code-map.pdf al-alabama-county-map.pdf More Info
Alaska AK ak-alaska-zip-code-map.pdf ak-alaska-county-map.pdf More Info
Arizona AZ az-arizona-zip-code-map.pdf az-arizona-county-map.pdf More Info
Arkansas AR ar-arkansas-zip-code-map.pdf ar-arkansas-county-map.pdf More Info
California CA ca-california-zip-code-map.pdf ca-california-county-map.pdf More Info
Colorado CO co-colorado-zip-code-map.pdf co-colorado-county-map.pdf More Info
Connecticut CT ct-connecticut-zip-code-map.pdf ct-connecticut-county-map.pdf More Info
Delaware DE de-delaware-zip-code-map.pdf de-delaware-county-map.pdf More Info
Florida FL fl-florida-zip-code-map.pdf fl-florida-county-map.pdf More Info
Georgia GA ga-georgia-zip-code-map.pdf ga-georgia-county-map.pdf More Info
Hawaii HI hi-hawaii-zip-code-map.pdf hi-hawaii-county-map.pdf More Info
Idaho ID id-idaho-zip-code-map.pdf id-idaho-county-map.pdf More Info
Illinois IL il-illinois-zip-code-map.pdf il-illinois-county-map.pdf More Info
Indiana IN in-indiana-zip-code-map.pdf in-indiana-county-map.pdf More Info
Iowa IA ia-iowa-zip-code-map.pdf ia-iowa-county-map.pdf More Info
Kansas KS ks-kansas-zip-code-map.pdf ks-kansas-county-map.pdf More Info
Kentucky KY ky-kentucky-zip-code-map.pdf ky-kentucky-county-map.pdf More Info
Louisiana LA la-louisiana-zip-code-map.pdf la-louisiana-county-map.pdf More Info
Maine ME me-maine-zip-code-map.pdf me-maine-county-map.pdf More Info
Maryland MD md-maryland-zip-code-map.pdf md-maryland-county-map.pdf More Info
Massachusetts MA ma-massachusetts-zip-code-map.pdf ma-massachusetts-county-map.pdf More Info
Michigan MI mi-michigan-zip-code-map.pdf mi-michigan-county-map.pdf More Info
Minnesota MN mn-minnesota-zip-code-map.pdf mn-minnesota-county-map.pdf More Info
Mississippi MS ms-mississippi-zip-code-map.pdf ms-mississippi-county-map.pdf More Info
Missouri MO mo-missouri-zip-code-map.pdf mo-missouri-county-map.pdf More Info
Montana MT mt-montana-zip-code-map.pdf mt-montana-county-map.pdf More Info
Nebraska NE ne-nebraska-zip-code-map.pdf ne-nebraska-county-map.pdf More Info
Nevada NV nv-nevada-zip-code-map.pdf nv-nevada-county-map.pdf More Info
New Hampshire NH nh-new-hampshire-zip-code-map.pdf nh-newhampshire-county-map.pdf More Info
New Jersey NJ nj-new-jersey-zip-code-map.pdf nj-newjersey-county-map.pdf More Info
New Mexico NM nm-new-mexico-zip-code-map.pdf nm-newmexico-county-map.pdf More Info
New York NY ny-new-york-zip-code-map.pdf ny-newyork-county-map.pdf More Info
North Carolina NC nc-north-carolina-zip-code-map.pdf nc-northcarolina-county-map.pdf More Info
North Dakota ND nd-north-dakota-zip-code-map.pdf nd-northdakota-county-map.pdf More Info
Ohio OH oh-ohio-zip-code-map.pdf oh-ohio-county-map.pdf More Info
Oklahoma OK ok-oklahoma-zip-code-map.pdf ok-oklahoma-county-map.pdf More Info
Oregon OR or-oregon-zip-code-map.pdf or-oregon-county-map.pdf More Info
Pennsylvania PA pa-pennsylvania-zip-code-map.pdf pa-pennsylvania-county-map.pdf More Info
Rhode Island RI ri-rhode-island-zip-code-map.pdf ri-rhodeisland-county-map.pdf More Info
South Carolina SC sc-south-carolina-zip-code-map.pdf sc-southcarolina-county-map.pdf More Info
South Dakota SD sd-south-dakota-zip-code-map.pdf sd-southdakota-county-map.pdf More Info
Tennessee TN tn-tennessee-zip-code-map.pdf tn-tennessee-county-map.pdf More Info
Texas TX tx-texas-zip-code-map.pdf tx-texas-county-map.pdf More Info
Utah UT ut-utah-zip-code-map.pdf ut-utah-county-map.pdf More Info
Vermont VT vt-vermont-zip-code-map.pdf vt-vermont-county-map.pdf More Info
Virginia VA va-virginia-zip-code-map.pdf va-virginia-county-map.pdf More Info
Washington WA wa-washington-zip-code-map.pdf wa-washington-county-map.pdf More Info
West Virginia WV wv-west-virginia-zip-code-map.pdf wv-westvirginia-county-map.pdf More Info
Wisconsin WI wi-wisconsin-zip-code-map.pdf wi-wisconsin-county-map.pdf More Info
Wyoming WY wy-wyoming-zip-code-map.pdf wy-wyoming-county-map.pdf More Info
3-digit Zip Codes  county maps