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Michael Scott - Map of Zip Codes Employee

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Michael Scott is a multifaceted professional specializing in web design, software development, and SEO. As the founder of Tresna, he plays a pivotal role in crafting intricate features for map coloring tools, custom business software, and customer-requested APIs. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Michael is an avid enthusiast of climbing, photography, and BMX biking.

A seasoned cyclist, Michael has been riding BMX, mountain bikes, and dirt jump bikes for over a decade. He combines his passion for biking with his technical expertise, creating mapping applications for companies nationwide.

In his after-hours, Michael is a community figure, riding with locals and rigorously testing out products. He is the main author for the Tresna website, where he regularly publishes tutorials, guides, and videos. Lately, he has been focusing on reviewing dirt jumping products, which has led to an influx of related posts on his blog.

Whether it's in the realm of technology or the cycling community, Michael Scott is a name synonymous with innovation and expertise.

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