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GDPR and how GBMaps.com processes your data.

Using Our Contact Form

We use your [ name ] to address you properly when communicating with you. We use your [ email address ] to send you a response. And we use your [ question ] to form the basis of a response to send back to you.

We do not sell or pass any of this information to any person or other company outside our own four walls. The details you enter into our web-form will be stored locally on our development computer in a mailbox. We will not bombard you with marketing offers. We may contact you ‘out of the blue’ if we become able to help with your enquiry where we were not able to previously assist. E.g. You require a map of the moon that we currently do not have. In 2 months’ time a map of the moon becomes available to us, we might send you a brief email saying we are now able to help. If you tell us you want no further contact from us at any point, we will not contact you again for any reason.

Purchasing Artwork From Our Website

When you make a purchase from our website of any kind, we collect your Name, Address, Email Address, IP address and details of what you purchased. We use this data to produce a digital invoice which is made available for you to download. We store a copy of that invoice securely(offline) for our own accounting records, indefinitely.

Purchasing an Unlock Code to use our online software

When you purchase an unlock code to use our online mapping software tools we also store the maps you create in 3 different ways. Your map data is stored in a secure online database and if you choose to create a pdf map or an excel datasheet, these will also be saved. There is a delete function available on the website which allows you to delete your map from the database, delete the pdf file and also the excel file. The excel and pdf files are deleted immediately however the database version of the map is kept on our secure server indefinitely.

Sharing your data with others

We do NOT share ANY of your information with anyone that does not work directly within our business.

Deletion of your data

You can request that we delete all information we hold about you. We will do so within 7 days of receiving that request. The only information we will not delete are copies of our digital invoices, we must keep these for our business accounting responsibilities.

Unsolicited contact from us to you

When you make a purchase from our website you are entering into a basic form of contract where you tell us who you are and pay us a fee and we supply you with a product or service. Nearly all of our products are delivered digitally online or by email. If we update the product you purchased or find a problem with the product which you are initially unaware of we may get in touch with you by email to inform you of the update or issue. We keep copies of every email we’ve ever sent or received for the purpose of keeping a detailed record of negotiations, orders, amendments and requirements. These are kept securely and only accessible by people within our business.

If you do not agree with anything within our GDPR Statement

If you do not agree with the way we look after and treat your personal information, then please do NOT contact us in a digital way. Give us a call, we don’t even write details of phone calls down so there’s no GDPR issues there.