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Mapofzipcodes Frequently Asked Questions


How can I purchase original artwork files on your website?

Purchasing original map files is easy on the MapOfZipCodes website. All you need to do is go to the Map Files page, find the map with the level of detail you'd like to buy and click ‘Buy Now'. This will take you to a page with various options. This page will show you the various file formats included followed by two options you can use to pay.

You can choose whether you want to pay by credit card or PayPal, each of which will take you to different payment processing pages. From here you simply need to fill out the form and your payment will be taken. After this, you'll be redirected to a payment success page where you'll receive information on how to download your files.

How do I get a quotation or sample?

We provide many quotes and samples to many people every day. We like to give each person a specific quotation instead of listing our bespoke map design prices on our website because each job requires a different amount of time and tools. Having a custom quote will make the price much better.

To get a quote you can either fill out our contact form or give us a call. All of this can be found on the contact page[]. We try to reply to all our enquiries within 30 minutes as there's nearly always somebody in the office. If you'd like to see some more samples we haven't included on the website simply include this in your enquiry and we'll send over some great maps we've designed previously.

How do I edit the files I've bought?

The files pack you receive will contain around 9 different file formats. All products will be provided with Adobe Illustrator and EPS files, which are vector-based and fully editable. If you can't use a piece of vector editing software you will be able to use the JPG, PDF and SVG files that are included in every pack. The less detailed maps will include Powerpoint files.

How do I order a map?

After receiving a quote from us, we encourage you to go and check out the competition. We are the best value for money mapping company while providing a fast high-quality service.

There's no complicated process to buy a bespoke map. Just get in contact by phone or email, once we've agreed on a price and timeframe we will send you over the details we agreed on in an email, after which we'll get started on your map immediately.

What is the design schedule like?

When initially discussing your map design we will give you a timescale of how long the map design is likely to take. If you didn't receive a timescale estimation then, on average, our maps take 2-3 days to design.

After the initial design, we will always ask you to get back to us with all the changes you'd like to make. We can make amendments very quick and will normally only take a couple of hours for each set. Depending on the number of changes you'd like to make, the amending process could take just an hour or could go on for a few days.

If you need a bespoke map urgently then let us know and we can drop everything to get it over to you as quickly as the next day.

What is the proofing process like?

After sending over your first proof we will invite you to reply to us with any and all changes you'd like to make. There's no limit to the number of changes we can make. There are two great methods to request the changes you'd like to make. The first method is just a list. If you can write a quick list in an email that will help tremendously.

Secondly, we love it when our clients can print off and annotate their maps. This is great for us to understand where you want the changes to be made.

After you've sent the changes back to us we'll make them and send the second proof over to you. As mentioned above, this process will be repeated over and over again until you tell us you're completely happy with the map.

Will you make amendments after I've paid for my maps?

We know that building and road layouts change over the years and we're happy to help you out with amendments to your maps in order to keep them up to date. We will make any small changes to your maps for FREE for 6 months after your original purchase. After this time we will charge to make amendments. The price will only represent the time it takes to make the changes and will rarely go over $25.

How do I pay for my maps?

You pay for your maps once the job is completed and you're totally happy with the end product. Once you've signed off we will send over a PDF invoice and PayPal payment link. You can use these to pay by Credit Card, PayPal or bank transfer. If you'd prefer to pay by phone just give us a call!

Can I get a discount for multiple orders?

We are often asked if discounts are available for ordering multiple bespoke maps. Depending on the type of map, we are nearly always able to give some sort of discount on orders over 5 maps. The larger the number of maps ordered will enable more of a discount but we are not able to give a firm figure until we've discussed the specific situation.

Do you Charge VAT?

No. We are not VAT registered so there is nothing else to add to the prices we give you.