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Copyright Notice

All our maps contain a small textual copyright notice "Copyright www.MapOfZipCodes.com" which must remain on the map if the map is to be distributed or viewed by anyone other than the person that purchased the map.

Map Licensing Terms and Conditions

Every map produced by or supplied by MapOfZipCodes.com is covered by our simple licensing terms and conditions laid out below.

1. When you purchase a map from MapOfZipCodes.com in digital format you may download and use that map for whatever purpose you require as long as the following conditions are met:

a. The maps or files you purchase and download cannot be re-sold, made available to download by the public for free or offered as an incentive to purchase or download another product.

b. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all the maps we produce, sometimes minor errors or inaccuracies may show up. MapOfZipCodes.com cannot be held responsible in any way for losses incurred as a result of such inaccuracies. (If we are informed of any mistakes on our maps we will correct those errors and re-supply the amended artwork within 48 hours).

c. It is your responsibility to select the correct map for your needs based on the information provided on this website. We cannot issue refunds once a map has been purchased and downloaded. If you have made a mistake we will always try to help and supply you with an alternative map at no extra charge(unless the alternative is marked at a higher price than the original).

d. If you have received and accepted a quotation for a custom designed map and change your mind before the project is complete we will only charge you for the time spend on the design so far. If no work has been carried out then you will not be charged.

The Essence of this License

MapOfZipCodes.com would like to offer our products to you at a decent price for your own personal or business use. We have no problem with you purchasing a map for your business, customizing it and using it on your website, distribute it as a pdf document, use it in a corporate publication, leaflet, hand-out or flyer. You must obtain special permission from MapOfZipCodes.com if you want to use any of our maps in a profit making capacity. e.g. Using one of our maps in an 'APP' or piece of software. Offering our map free to a third party who has purchased something or signed up to something else with your company. Creating multiple copies of posters, books or e-books with the intention of mass distribution for profit. If you would like to directly profit from selling our maps & files simply get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss your project with you.

Plagiarism Protection

We have gone to great lengths to protect our maps without impacting on their appearance. We do this by incorporating hidden patterns of objects within the maps by aligning a number of certain vectors in a unique pattern. Even if the paths are simplified, text is modified or the map is scaled or skewed, the relationship between the vectors still remains. We pursue all copyright infringements on behalf of our clients and ourselves.