3 Digit Zip Code Maps and Customizable Sales Territory Maps of the USA States and Zip code Region Maps and Heat Maps

About mapofzipcodes.com

Mapofzipcodes.com is a mapping business of the parent company, GB Maps. We are a cartography and website design business supplying customers with mapping tools, bespoke maps and other software all over the world.

Map of Zip Codes is the newest business in our roster. We started out creating simple zip code maps available for free. Since then we have created several American maps on our map colouring system, created detailed vector maps of the whole country and developed other pieces of software with the aim to make all your mapping tasks much easier.

Our team consists of 3 people: Andrew, Michael and William. You can read more about each member of our team below. We are a small team in a purpose built office but our speed and efficiency is tremendous.

Andrew Scott - CEO & Lead Designer

Andrew originally started way back in 1999. Maps became the whole focus of the business and they have been ever since. Andrew concentrates on the large pieces of software the company provides. He works to find unique ways to help people create the best maps they can. After work Andrew loves to fly foot-launches aircraft called paramotors and ride mountain bikes around the local trails.

Andrew Scott GBMAPS

Michael takes the lead in web design, software development and SEO. He helps develop complex additions for our map coloring tools, bespoke software for businesses all over the country and API's our customers have requested. In his spare time Michael likes climbing, photography, BMX biking and creating his own websites, blogs and software.

Michael Scott web design

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William Scott - Graphic Designer

William is the newest member of our team. He is just finishing up his apprenticeship in IT. His day to day roles are centered around drawing Holiday Park Maps. After designing dozens of maps for parks all over the country William has developed his design skills tremendously, also applying them to other aspects of his life. More recently William has been learning to code and build websites. Cars and the gym are unsurprisingly the center of Williams world outside of work.

AL - AlabamaPDF 3-Digit ZipCode Map


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